It has always been possible to borrow books from the library, get reference material for students, or just read a book in a library. Libraries today are much more than just a collection of books, thanks to the latest architecture and popular communities. In addition to providing education, libraries have become world-class institutions. Today's libraries have state-of-the-art architecture and are democratic meeting places that are worth a visit.

People can borrow books for free from public libraries in most areas. Other languages are available in libraries or can be ordered. Internet access is open in most libraries.

Here is the best libraries in Australian one must visit

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The State Library of South Australia

One of Australia's museum wings has been ranked among the top twenty most beautiful libraries globally, which is not surprising considering the world is full of libraries. The Mortlock Wing features original 1884 furniture and painted gold features, as its name suggests. Students from nearby universities have access to the quiet corners of the giant wing to study. The main Mortlock Wing's main hall contains an old clock still wound by hand by its staff. It was manufactured in 1887 by Dent and Sons.

The State Library of Victoria

A grand exterior and an equally grand interior characterise the State Library. Inside the library is the La Trobe Reading Room, a six-storey domed room with works that depict the history of Victoria. Three other galleries are also home to works and regular exhibitions, the Keith Murdoch Gallery. 

Aside from offering beautiful surroundings, the La Trobe Reading Room is equipped to make your day as productive as possible, offering printing facilities, free wireless access, and thousands of complimentary newspapers, manuscripts, books, and heritage items.

The Dock Library

Apart from housing more than 220,000 books, more than 400 magazines, daily newspapers, a HUGE CD and DVD collection, and an E-Library, the Melbourne Library at the Dock is so much more. In addition to a beautiful gallery, cutting-edge recording studios, cutting-edge editing suites, and other practice rooms, it is an entire community. 

Additionally, there is a green ventilated terrace where movies can be viewed, tai chi and yoga can be practised, and table tennis. Furthermore, various other events, workshops, and activities are available throughout the year. When you consider its outstanding waterfront views, this library is one you should check out during your 2022 Australian visit.

The Dome

The Geelong Library & Heritage Centre in Geelong is called "the Dome" because it offers unbelievable views of the city from its balcony on level five. There is also much more to it than just a place to store thousands of books. It is a place to learn, have fun, and understand cultural and historical information about the world.

They provide online databases, a full calendar of events and special programs. While the reading nest is on the first level, the second level has the discussion and meeting rooms, magazines, and audiobooks. The building has three levels; the third includes regional and historical archives, history references, and a heritage reading room. The fourth and fifth contain the administration rooms and the balcony, where significant events occur.

Surry Hills Library and Community centre

Surry Hills is a superb example of sustainable design innovations as Sydney's most impressive contemporary architecture. Natural light is invited into the massive interiors by the innovative design. It was awarded the Excellence by Urban Development Award in 2009 and the Excellence by Construction Award in 2010. A new community centre opened in the heart of a Sydney suburb in 2013, much more than a library.

The Bankston Library and Knowledge Center

A state-of-the-art library opened in Bankston in 2014. The library is spread over 5000 square metres and has 320 seats, free WiFi, computers, a dedicated history section, and scanning and copying services. At the NSW Architecture Awards for structure and lighting, this magnificent $20 million project was shortlisted and won a Design Award.

Woollahra Library at Double Bay

Woollahra Library is located in the centre of Double Bay. It is a three-storey building within a garden. There is something unique about each floor, and it meets a variety of different needs. The first level of the library features a large reading area, a slide, a green wall, event spaces, and a children's secret garden. A tech room on the second floor has comfy seating nooks, computers, PlayStation 4, Wii, and a Microsoft Surface Hub. The third floor also features a group study room, a study booth, a local history collection, a quiet room, and a visual fireplace. The Double Bay New South Wales site is worth seeing when you are there.

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Cobram Library & Learning Centre

With its battened timber screen exterior, the Cobram Library in Victoria is reminiscent of the Murray River. The clever placement of this timber curtaining throughout the library's interior creates a shifting shadow. In addition to the wooden panel ceiling, it has a central pathway that runs through it, and it has both communal and private spaces for reading and working. The library offers a wide range of services each day, such as chess club, technology area, community events, and education holiday activities.

Bunjil Place, the library in Victoria

Indigenous Boon Wurrung themes inspire Bunjil Place's civic grandeur in Narre Warren, Victoria. As a result of the "meeting of many places," a flowing organic design scheme was created with a twisted design scheme that flows into each other without interrupting the flow. It is a library that everyone wants to visit because it has mezzanine floors, high ceilings, children and youth rooms, communal areas, gaming rooms, technology, and thousands of books.


What is the most extensive library in Australia?

The National Library of Australia, with 649,772 items, is the largest in Australia.

Which is Melbourne's most extensive library?

The State Library of Victoria may be Australia's oldest and busiest public library, the most extensive library in Melbourne, and maybe even the most famous library in Melbourne.

Which library in Australia is the oldest?

State libraries in New South Wales are among the oldest in Australia. Sydney Free Public Library, the first truly public library in NSW, was formed in 1869 when the NSW government purchased the Australian Subscription Library, established in 1826.

What is the number of libraries in Victoria?

In Victoria, two hundred ninety-one public (291) libraries, 233 mobile library stops, and 72 other library outlets. There are many possibilities, knowledge, and inclusivity in each library. The spaces are open to everyone, and each is inviting, engaging, and empowering.

What is the number of libraries in Australia?

Australia's 1,683 public libraries are highlighted in this report. From 2014-15 to 2018-19: Public library spending increased 16.4% to over $1.32 billion in 2018-19.

What is the number of libraries in NSW?

There were 362 public library buildings in New South Wales by June 2020 and 24 mobile libraries serving rural and remote communities.

Queensland has how many public libraries?

In collaboration with local governments, the State Library of Queensland ensures that all Queenslanders have access to quality public library services. The State of Queensland now has over 320 libraries and Indigenous Knowledge Centres.