People regardless of their visa and residency status get legal assistance in Australia. Federal, state, and territorial governments have different organizations to aware and support people in legal matters. As a democratic country it needs to provide citizens and residents access to the justice system. 

What is Legal Assistance? 

Everyone may not be able to hire lawyer for legal consultation or represent them in the court. So, to ensure everyone gets the justice served, state establishes organisation like legal aid to provide legal assistance to needy. Through this one does not need to pay for legal advice and representing them in the court. It’s a free lawyer service, a kind. Lawyers through such legal assistance program provide advice and help to eligible clients on criminal matters, family breakdowns, family violence, migration, mental health, social security, debt, and traffic offences.

Legal Assistance

People with legal issues who cannot defend themselves in court because of higher legal fees can find a range assistance through legal aid. Federal and state governments have arrangement through different providers agency and department.  

 How to get legal assistance? 

There are couples of organisations in Australia to provide legal assistance to needy people. Federal and State government agencies as well as non-governmental organisations are working to make legal proceeding accessible. Not only that, but legal professionals also contribute and arrange free legal assistance and service through their professional bodies. Here are some of federal and state level organisations that may help you for legal aspect.    

  • National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services
  • National Association of Community Legal Centres
  • National Legal Aid

  • Australian Capital Territory
    New South Wales Northern Territory Queensland South Australia Tasmania Victoria Western Australia

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    Legal Aid Commissions 

    In Australia there are legal aid commissions in each state and territory. They are independent statutory bodies and help with range of services including general legal information, legal advice and representation in courts and tribunals for their case. Commissions in each state and territory often provide general legal information through telephone hotline and free. But, to get legal advice on specific matter one need to satisfy the requirements as well as to get representation in court and tribunal go through merit tests set by legislation and working procedure of the commission on each state. 

    Each Australian state and territory has a legal aid commission:

    Legal Aid New South Wales
    Victoria Legal Aid
    Legal Aid Queensland
    Legal Aid Western Australia
    Legal Services Commission of South Australia
    Legal Aid Commission of Tasmania
    Legal Aid Australian Capital Territory
    Northern Territory Legal Aid Commission

    Legal Assistance for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander 

    There are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander legal services (ATSILS) to help support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in legal and court matters. These services are Aboriginal Community-Controlled Organisations and deliver free and culturally appropriate legal help to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. They provide legal advice, representation in court and tribunal as well as general legal information and referral to appropriate service. 

    Every stat has one such kind of organisation to help support: 

    Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT) Limited
    Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service
    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service (Qld) Ltd
    Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia Limited
    Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement (South Australia)
    Tasmanian Aboriginal Legal Service
    North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency

    Community Legal Centres 

    Community legal centres are not for profit organisations in Australia provide free and accessible legal services for people experiencing financial hardship, discrimination as well as domestic and family violence. 


    Frequently Asked Questions 

    1. Is there any legal aid service for new migrants in Australia?   

    Yes, there are many organisations that help to get legal assistance. Especially legal aid commissions as independent statutory bodies in each Australian states provides general information, telephone advice, court, and tribunal representation. To be eligible for such services there may need to satisfy commission criteria.  

    2. Australian Legal Aid: What is its role?

    Legal Aid helps to create access to justice system so no one left behind to get justice.  

    3. Legal assistance is essential for what reasons?

    There are many areas people need legal assistance to defend themselves in court, tribunals and other relevant state/government bodies. Mainly, criminal, family and civil law areas, Legal Aids provide legal services to disadvantaged people in their state and territory.  

    4. How does legal aid work in Australia?

    Legal Aid provides free legal services to anyone in the state, where they function. Some of their services are legal information, representation in court, and referrals.