Cybersecurity has become essential for every company's strategy, which is devoted to security, sustainability, and growth. Hackers and cybercriminals have compelled companies to stay vigilant about security vulnerabilities. In Australia, as per the Annual Cyber Threat Report 2022, ACSC received over 76,000 cybercrime reports, mostly on cyber threats like extortion, corporate espionage, and fraud.

 Everything is currently automated, vulnerabilities are everywhere, and hackers are getting smarter, increasing the demand for cybersecurity professionals. To retaliate against these notorious cybercriminals, the demand for cybersecurity professionals has risen significantly. In fact, Cybersecurity is a growing industry and is projected to grow by 20% in 2025.


Top 7 Cyber Security Jobs for a Better Future - NewlyAussie

Let’s look into the top 7 cyber security jobs that can give you a good career and a secure future.


1. Database administrator

A database administrator (DBA) oversees and carries out all tasks necessary to maintain a database system. A DBA also plans, develops, configures, maintains, and supports an organisation's database management system. In addition, they guarantee that databases and related applications within an organisation run effectively and functionally.

According to, the average salary of database administrators in Australia is AUD 53.91 per hour, i.e., AUD 105,126 per year. To become a database administrator (DBA), you can pursue a Bachelor of Information Technology, Certificate IV in Information Technology (Programming), Diploma of Information Technology (Back End Web Development), and other relevant courses.


2. Cyber security analyst

A cyber security analyst analyses and assesses vulnerabilities in software, hardware, and networks. The cybersecurity analyst also works to understand cyberattacks, malware, and the behaviour of cybercriminals. In a major scenario, a cyber security analyst seeks to anticipate and prevent these attacks. Additionally, cyber security analysts also examine available recovery tools while recommending the best solutions.

A cyber security analyst's average salary in Australia is AUD 107,367 annually. The qualification needed to become a cyber security analyst in Australia is a bachelor’s degree in information technology, computer science, or other related fields or complete industry certification on Certified Ethical Hacker, CompTIA Security+, Certified Information Systems and Security Professional, along with 5 years of experience.


3. Cybersecurity architect

A cybersecurity architect is a senior cybersecurity professional responsible for planning, designing, testing, implementing, and maintaining a company's computer and network security infrastructure. They also create IT security solutions that effectively balance business requirements with information and cybersecurity requirements. They also review and recommend security configurations and policies for firewalls, VPN systems, routers, IDS scanning technologies and servers. In Australia, an average security architect's salary is AUD 142,265 yearly or AUD 72.96 per hour. For this, you can pursue a bachelor's degree in information technology or a Bachelor's in Cyber Security. You can also opt for Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualifications such as a Diploma in Information Technology (Cyber Security). You may be asked to have at least five years of relevant experience to work as a high-level Cybersecurity architect.


4. Ethical hacker

An ethical hacker, otherwise known as a penetration tester, is someone who ethically hacks a computer network to test or evaluate security. They are opposites of computer hackers who intend to do malicious or criminal acts by unethically hacking the network. Annually, an ethical hacker in Australia can earn up to AUD 101,000.

They conduct in-depth technical analyses of risks and possible penetration sites, identify and record security flaws and breaches, review and rate the security network, and create suggestions for security upgrades. They compile penetration tests, conduct penetration tests and reports for the client, and discuss the current security system while suggesting alternate upgrades.

To become an ethical hacker, a candidate must have a bachelor's degree or higher qualification. One can have Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualifications or at least five years of relevant experience.


5. Cloud Security Specialist

A Cloud Security Specialist has a detailed knowledge of common security threats, controls, associated technologies and practices to secure cloud platforms, cloud services, and associated cloud-based resources and infrastructure. The average salary of a cloud security specialist in Australia is AUD 120,725 per year.

A Cloud Security Specialist must have a deep understanding of cloud service architecture with an emphasis on security in the cloud. They must understand modern information security methodologies and standards in a cloud environment. To work in a reputed company, Cloud Security Specialist must also have a cloud/Security certification and training. In addition, excellent communication, negotiation, presentation, and time management skills are necessary.

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Top 7 Cyber Security Jobs for a Better Future - NewlyAussie

6. Cyber security operations coordinator

Cybersecurity Operations Manager manages the cybersecurity operations organisation's people, processes, and technology. They manage day-to-day Cybersecurity operations and assist in implementing new cybersecurity technologies. They also advise leadership on current operational collaborations.

Cybersecurity operations coordinators must have a university degree in information technology. Some may require Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualifications. When you get hired as Cyber security operations coordinator, you can earn an average annual salary from AUD 120,000 to AUD 170,000.


7. Cyber governance risk and compliance specialist

A Cyber governance risk and compliance specialist leads the governance, risk and compliance for more robust cyber security and enhancements in implementing future servers and networks. Cyber governance risk and compliance specialists can earn a salary of AUD 135,000 to AUD150,000 in Australia. To become a Cyber governance risk and compliance specialist, a candidate can require a university degree in information technology or get Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualifications or have at least five years of relevant experience.


A Cyber governance risk and compliance specialist job description include designing and maintaining database architecture, data structures, tables, and dictionaries. They also perform the operational establishment and preventive maintenance of backups and recovery procedures and enforce security and integrity controls. They are also responsible for the processes, procedures and operational management associated with system security and disaster recovery planning.


Wrapping up

These are the top 7 promising cyber security jobs that can offer you a secure future. If you are planning to acquire a work visa in Australia and you have experience in any of the cybersecurity jobs, then you can certainly apply. Students who aspire to earn an Australian degree can also pursue bachelor’s or Master's program and become a qualified professionals in cybersecurity.