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COVID-19 pandemic has deeply affected the rental market in Australia. If you plan to move, within one state or  from one state to another then you must know the rent expenses in major areas of Australia. To add to this, the most expensive Australian major cities to rent in, for both houses and units are Canberra, Sydney, Darwin,  and Hobart. In fact the lowest possible rent per week in any of these states is AUD 320. 

There is a saying that one should never spend more than 30% of their income on rent, but most of the time rent is very expensive! So, how can we tackle this situation? Is there any way we can have rent assistance that helps us on paying rents? Yes there is  and it is Rent Assistance by Services Australia. In this blog we will learn about Rent assistance in detail.

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How to get rent assistance step-by-step guide - NewlyAussie

Rent Assistance - An Introduction

A Rent Assistance is one of the payments provided by Services Australia where you will be provided with financial help in order to pay rent of the house they are living in. 

Who can get rent assistance?

To get a  Rent Assistance service, one must have following conditions:

  • You must get a pension aka money after retirement, allowance or benefit from us  

  • You should also have more than the base rate of Family Tax Benefit  

  • You must pay rent, fees in a retirement village,  lodging, board and lodging, or site or mooring fees(when the main place to reside or  home is a relocatable home,caravan, or a boat. 

  • Some points to take note:
  • The person who opts for rent assistance must pay more than a given amount each fortnight to get Rent Assistance. 

  • For interested individuals who are below 25 have to abide by some special rules for Rent Assistance. 

In what circumstance will rent assistance won't be paid?

There are certain conditions when you may not be eligible for  Rent Assistance service. These conditions are:

  • Leasing is done through a state or territory's housing authority. 
  • you have or are  going to buy a home which is not a relocatable home 
  •  When you will not be at your home(just bought) for sometime i.e. less than 12 months ago.
  •  When the Australian Government has approved your bed in a recognized residential aged care facility in Australia.
  • Only one person gets rent assistance with family tax benefit 
  • you are given allowances your partner gets Rent Assistance with their pension. 

How to get rent assistance step-by-step guide - NewlyAussie Payment rates for Rent Assistance

Like other Payment rates, Rent Assistance is also updated on 20th of March and September every year. 

How to claim rent assistance in Australia?

Fun fact is that for Rent Assistance, you do not have to apply. The designated authority  evaluates your eligibility when you submit a request for another payment or when you inform the authority of modified housing information.

The designated authority checks your rent information to see the updated address and if your application is chosen for evaluation, we will be sent a letter. A failure to update your information or confirm your information by the deadline specified in the review letter, your Rent Assistance will be stopped.

What to keep your rent details up to date?

Not only does updating your address save your rent assistance from being cancelled, but it also keeps you from accruing debt that you'll have to repay. Describe any changes to your rent, the house you moved into, your income, your relationship or married status, the number of dependent children you are responsible for, and the number of persons moving into or out of the home you currently occupy.

What about Rent Certificate form ?

The formal name of a Centrelink Rent Assistance form is a Rent Certificate form.  A rent certificate is additionally required to complete your housing information. Rent Assistance will end if the Rent Certificate isn't finished by the deadline.

Things that can affect your Rental Assistance

  1. When you don’t provide precise information about your new address or accommodation.
  2. If any issues are found when reviewing your rent details.
  3. Your travels outside Australia

For detailed and complete information please visit the official site of Services Australia Rent Assistance.

For further information, you can visit Rent Assistance Factsheet.

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