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Safety while diving is important for everyone, including the child. A car seat should, in fact, be the best safety seat for your child that fits their age, weight, and size. Whatever your car condition, first-hand or used, you must look into the structure and condition of the child’s seat. 

Types of Car Seats for Children

Babies start out infant-only, and as they grow, their seats are positioned, and structure changes. Basically, the types of Car Seats for the child are: 

a) Infant-Only Seats (Birth to 22-35 Pounds),

b) Rear Facing(children of 30 months)

c) Forward Facing seat is for children who have outgrown

d) Booster seat keeps the child lifted so that an adult seat belt fits. 

e) The last one would be the adult seat.

Parents keeping baby on Car Seat to keep baby safe in the car - NewlyAussie.com
Baby Car Seats not only keeps baby safe in the car, also reduce injuries and deaths.

What is unique about Convertible seats?

Depending on a child's age and size, convertible seats can be adjusted to various settings. Because they can switch from rear-facing to front-facing to booster mode while still wearing the harness, some convertible seats are referred to as "all-in-one" or "3-in-one."

Since they are so bulky, convertible seats are typically reserved for transportation. The fact that you might not need a separate infant-only seat makes these chairs more affordable. They also make an excellent choice for bigger babies.

What aspects to cover to keep your baby safe in the car?

  1. Tether straps need to be straight for all child car seats and capsules.
  2.  It would be beneficial if you could keep in mind to use the stabilizer bar when seated backward. The seat belt or Isofix connectors are both acceptable. 
  3. For the child's seat, parents must utilize the proper anchor point. 
  4. Utilize your car's manual to choose the appropriate seating.
  5. Make sure the seat has a label displaying 115/NZS 1754 and an Australian Standard Sticker that has been authorized.
  6. Stickers should not be destroyed or removed, and you shouldn't even utilize chairs that don't have the right stickers.
  7. Although children under the age of 12 and above 145 cm can sit in the front seat, they are safer in the back. Additionally, a rear-facing car seat should never be installed in a location with an activated airbag.

Wrapping Up!

A road trip with all necessary precautions taken for your and your child’s safety in the car will bring more enjoyment and fun. So, follow the above-mentioned activities and keep your child safe while traveling by car.

You can get more information on Child Car Seat Safety.

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